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Explore impact and possible commercialization

Time: Wed 2023-09-20 12.15 - 13.00

Location: KTH entré, Drottning Kristinas väg 4, second floor

Welcome to a lunch seminar with KTH Innovation for PhD students and researchers curious about innovation as a steppingstone for building a future career path.

The seminar will cover how to further explore impact and possible commercialization of your research and what support you can get from KTH Innovation – for example in submitting a patent, creating a licensed technology or a research spinoff.

You will meet two business coaches from KTH Innovation Tom Magnergård and Eva Halén.

Tom and Eva both have business & start-up experience with us; starting a company based on an innovation (Tom) and working as CEO for research-based start-up (Eva).

You will also meet a PhD student Elisa Bin who is currently developing an idea (ABConnect - Next-generation swarm intelligence) with support from KTH Innovation.

Our society needs new innovations to face our challenges. Find out what opportunities you have as a PhD student or researcher here at KTH.

Having experience of taking your research towards the market is more and more seen as a merit within academia. If you have a grasp of your impact, you will also write better applications and increase your chances of getting research funding.

Free lunch sandwich for early birds!