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KTH Innovation Digital Demo Day

See the latest startups from KTH as we celebrate their achievements after one year in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program.

Time: Thu 2020-10-15 13.00 - 14.30


Tackling issues from food waste to the propulsion of nano satellites, these teams are now ready to show off their development and take their next step.

Join us live from KTH Innovation for our first online Demo Day, hear from the founders, and get inspired by our invited speakers.

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See them on Demo Day


Food, cosmetics, paint or glue: all liquids degrade and lose their quality after they are opened. By providing a self-resealing, multi-use and air-tight solution, Flexpenser will end the waste of liquids.


Minimize food waste and increase efficiency with Fooin’s inventory solutions for grocery stores. Smart labels provide instant and accurate inventory and expiration date information with one goal: no food shall be forgotten or wasted.


For gamers who care about being the best in a competitive esport world, FRÖNB designs gaming gear with superior experience based on actual gamer needs. Gear that is built with Swedish quality and a simplistic design, with a whole world in mind. Launching soon – FRÖNB Triumph X, a gaming mouse designed for improved reaction in esports.

H Sustain

H Sustain is building the next-generation digital travel guide. By mapping digital information to physical objects and geolocations, they help you create your personalized travel experience. H Sustain’s mission is to promote social well-being and facilitate multicultural integration by uncovering and sharing local stories and unique places.


Valter is a digital property assistant that makes life easier for landlords, tenants and caretakers. The assistant is available 24/7, multilingual, easy to use and can instantly help tenants with common issues making tedious error reports a thing of the past. Landlords get insights on what their tenants experience as headaches and excellent knowledge about existing issues.


Nightli's app will eradicate unfair biases on the global nightlife stage. This social game connects nightclubs, visitors, and event organizers, rewarding groups going out and gives you a fair customer experience anywhere based on your engagement. The best of clubbing is finally accessible to anyone!


With PLabs, manufacturing companies can produce parts with never before accuracy at greater machining speed, while improving the quality and precision of the manufactured component. PLabs’ novel, sustainable, and high damping material – PolysiteTM can be readily plugged into any machine tool structure, converting them into high-speed monsters while reducing the carbon footprint of the existing machine tools to a third.


porkchop builds propulsion systems for nanosatellites. Completely integrated inside the structural frame, they become invisible, like putting a car engine inside the chassis. By providing the ultimate propulsion experience, porkchop gives their users the best tools to explore earth and the universe. They'll be in orbit next February!


ProTendering supports purchasers in both private and public sectors by building evaluation models, shortening the time for tendering and tender evaluation and improving performance driven evaluations. They challenge the “shall demand/lowest price paradigm”, with the vision of facilitating value-driven tender evaluations where quality and performance are optimized at relevant cost.

Spara Grönt by Construqt

Spara Grönt helps homeowners make their homes more energy efficient by offering the most sustainable and innovative solutions through online group initiatives. Build, renovate or upgrade your home with Spara Grönt to lower your energy bills and protect the environment!


With Shippy’s crowdshipping solution, you can send your package with someone who is already traveling. Resource-efficient deliveries that move Sweden into a more sustainable and circular future.


SpotYet creates networking solutions for digital and physical events, and for teams working remotely.


Voyley is setting sights on becoming the go to platform for train travel in Europe. With one integrated ticket across 300 rail and bus providers in the EU, the hassle of travelling sustainably in Europe will soon be long gone.

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