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KTH Innovation Industry Day with L'Oreal

Welcome to KTH Innovation Industry Day with L'Oreal, a global leader in the cosmetics industry. This event is an opportunity to hear how a leading company works with innovation, collaborates with startups, and what challenges they face in their business.

Time: Fri 2023-11-24 11.30 - 13.00

Location: KTH Innovation, Teknikringen 1

Language: English

Hear from L'Oreal

L’Oréal is a global leader in the cosmetics industry. Hear how they work to integrate sustainability into their product development processes and discover opportunities for partnerships.

You will also gain insights on L'Oreal's current challenges in need of innovative solutions including areas like sustainable materials, life science, green sciences and biotech, devices, and processes.

L’Oréal will also share how they enable innovation within their organization, partner with start-ups, and give an example of a case study.

Lunch will be provided.

Who should join?

The L'Oreal team is particularly interested in meeting with deeptech start-ups and researchers with IP-protected technologies. Solutions can be found in entirely different industries, so you don't need to target cosmetics already.

Individual meetings for startups

A limited number of preselected startups from KTH will get the chance to sit down for a 1-1 meeting with L'Oreal representatives to explore future possibilities for collaboration.

If you have an existing startup that you think would be of interest to L'Oreal, please complete this form  and we will get in touch (there are limited spots).


  • 11:30: Registration, lunch and informal mingle
  • 12:00: Welcome by KTH Innovation
  • 12:10: Presentation from L''Oreal, including: 
    • Corporate overview
    • How they work with startups, including a case study
    • Industry trends, challenges and opportunities
    • Audience questions
  • 13:00: Informal follow-ups and mingle. Individual meetings with preselected KTH startups.


Marcus Dahllöf
Marcus Dahllöf
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