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Marcus Dahllöf will connect industry with KTH startups

Portrait of Marcus Dahllöf
Marcus Dahllöf joins KTH Innovation to develop closer collaboration between industry and startups from KTH.
Published Dec 22, 2022

Hi Marcus Dahllöf! You have spent the past six years at MIT, working to connect startups with Fortune 500 companies. Now, you join KTH Innovation to create opportunities for collaboration between industry and startups from KTH. Tell us more!

What will you do at KTH Innovation?

I will be developing a platform to engage KTH industry partners and alumni startups. A large part of this will revolve around connecting large corporations (industry) with KTH startups. KTH Innovation is a particularly interesting opportunity for industry as we generate a large volume of high-quality startups every year, around 40-50, with a total of 400 active startups today. This is an incredibly valuable source for external innovation and investments. For startups it provides an accelerated way of acquiring their first customers.

Tell us a bit about your background!

I have a pretty diverse background, functionally and industry-wise. Broadly speaking, I have focused on high tech and innovation in startups, big tech and universities. I have founded two startups, one of which was acquired. I spent the last 6 years at MIT where I helped lead their premier startup program focused on facilitating connections with Fortune 500 companies.

What are you most excited about working at KTH Innovation?

The opportunity to work with and to help the next generation of entrepreneurs is what inspires me, especially as I know that the companies they are building will have a huge positive impact in the world across so many different industries. Just look at some recent companies that have come out of KTH Innovation, like Airmee, Renewcell, iPercept – their impact on their respective industries is undeniable. 

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Marcus Dahllöf
Marcus Dahllöf
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