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Class of 2017

The Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program was launched at the end of the summer, and has proved to be of great interest to researchers and students at KTH.

More than 35 companies applied to this years program and the competition was stiff. During a very well attended final event the 7 winners were announced and accepted into the first class of the Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program. The lucky winners who will now have the opportunity to hone their business developing skills this coming year are:


Researchers at KTH and Karolinska institutet have developed a technology allowing patients to conduct their own blood tests at home. The innovation will increase efficiency in healthcare and comfort for patients while cutting the costs by more than 90%.

Team: Gabriel Lenk


Cling is using sharing economy to offer profitable and transparant financial services to businesses and private customer.

Team: Rang Ali, Oskar Andersson, Johan Sandmark and Emelie Nordstrand Lindgren.


Vellby is a platform and an app to help the elderly and their relatives to find reliable home care providers.

Team: Sriram Elango and Göran Janson.


Finecell has developed a new process for the manufacturing of nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC) through a water free reaction. The method enables cheaper and more effective manufacturing of NCC, which has many different areas of application.

Team: Dongfang Li, Jonatan Henschen and Monica Ek


MAQAB is offering different solutions to cutting metals. Using their technology you can eliminate the powerful vibrations that occur when cutting metal.

Team: Qilin Fu, Cornel Mihai Nicolescu and Amir Rashid


 Cheffle is like LinkedIn for the hospitality industry. With this social platform the recruitment of reliable staff is made that much easier.

Team: Emil Karlsson, Max Dyrhage and Håkan Dyrhage


Playitfair is using games as a recruitment aid and for competence development in companies and organisations.

Team: Birgitta Forsberg

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Last changed: Jun 02, 2020