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Class of 2018

These are the teams in the 2018 edition of the Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program.


Innobrain provides an innovative BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) platform for brain analysis, to explore human emotions and cognitive behaviour and empower organizations to make better decisions.


Eatit is the digital dietitian, offering treatment via an evidence-based digital support platform and contact with your personal dietician.


A platform providing contraception counselling and prescription - simplifying the process by increasing the access, quality and safety of birth control care.

Himat Engineering

HiMat Engineering develops innovative materials design tools and exploit these for the design of high-performance metallic materials.

Urban Oasis

Grows leafy greens in the middle of Stockholm all year round with artificial light, minimal water consumption, no soil and totally free from pesticides. 



A school communication system that strengthens communication between teachers and students.

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Last changed: Jun 02, 2020