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Class of 2019

These are the teams in the 2019 edition of the Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur program.


Apostar is an e-learning tool for pharmacy staff.


Jaisy has developed a low-cost, non-invasive jaundice detector for newborns.


Zeat has developed an app to help hotels increase sales to their guests, by offering a type of appstore for hotels.


Klimato offers a service to calculate and present the Co2 emission of food, giving companies the opportunity of presenting, analyzing, and decreasing their environmental impact, while creating a good environmental profile and transparency in consumption choices.

Icarus Digital Math

This team of researchers has developed software for flow calculation in aerodynamic simulations for the aircraft-, space- and vehicle industries.


IPercept’s technology introduces a new measurement method in combination with machine learning for predictive maintenance of production equipment. This enables an affordable and meaningful periodic information stream to reduce unplanned machine downtime and increase overall equipment efficiency.


Monocular has developed an easy-to-use 3D software, which enables movie producers to change their storyboards in real-time.


SEEN has developed a world-leading solution by integrating eye-tracking in a VR headset and implementing and verifying a new streaming protocol that can save over 90% of bandwidth over a 5G network.

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