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Class of 2020

These are the teams in the 2020 edition of the Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program.

Satellite Data and AI for Wildfire Detection and Monitoring

A screenshot of a zoom meeting with 18 participants.
Workshop with the teams in the Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program 2020

Satellite data can play a crucial role in wildfire detection and monitoring. Using a deep learning framework, the innovative wildfire detector can detect active fires and burnt areas automatically from satellite images in near realtime.


An app that connects people that wants something delivered with people already travelling.


TACK uses augmented reality and a mobile mapping system to monitor the propagation of cracks in concrete structures, such as bridges and tunnels, by comparing images acquired over a period of time.


ErgoTech Nordic is developing a wearable system for continuous assessment of ergonomic risk factors for the upper body, which gives continuous instant feedback to the users, helping them to prevent injury or pain in the injuries or pain in the musculoskeletal system.


StudyGuide Coach is the app that transforms parents of teenagers into world-class study coaches. A two-sided platform where students learn more in less time using better study skills, structure and gamification. By connecting the parent version of the app to the student, parents are empowered to increase their engagement and motivate in a natural way.


ProTendering is a SaaS software, supporting purchasers in a defined part of the procurement process. It is born from the insights of two senior strategic purchasers, on how to improve procurement efficiency. ProTendering uses the latest technology, some robotics and advanced calculating algorithms. It is simple, cost effective and accessible. It makes every purchaser’s and buyer’s workday better - Less work, better results.

GORDIAN – Untangling movement traces

GORDIAN provides lightning-fast, novel and unique, transport route analytics. The information in- and speed of the analytics allow the unprecedented optimization of complex transport planning problems. For example, the analytics can be used to find electric road placements that electrify 3.25 times as much transport work or require 80% less infrastructure investments than corridor placements. A savings of 300 megatons in CO2e emissions or 13.2 BSEK in infrastructure costs in Sweden.


Netspons is a marketplace where brands are matched with top level athletes, clubs and events. We facilitate, develop and improve the ability of both parties to run successful sponsorship campaigns.

Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program

Nine months of education and training, high-profile mentor meetings, and 70 000 SEK in funding.

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Last changed: Jun 09, 2020