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From positioning technology to blockchain for art – KTH Innovation welcomes Batch 9!

The team behind Icarus Digital Math
Published Mar 14, 2019

15 new startup projects have been accepted to Batch 9 of the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program. With alumni including known startups like Airmee, Degoo, Manomotion, and Greenely, it’s safe to say that these names are worth keeping track of.

Interest in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program, a year-long program for early-stage,

tech-based projects from KTH looking to speed up their development, has been rising steadily since the start in 2011. Batch 9 received a record-breaking number of applications.

- Over 150 startup projects have passed through the program, says Donnie Lygonis, Business Development Coach at KTH Innovation. We’ve seen pivots, rapid development, and those that don’t go all the way, but in the end around 70% of all projects entering the program come out successfully at the other end. It’s always fun to welcome a new batch!

As always, the startup projects accepted to the program are a mixed group. Covering everything from reducing methane emissions from cows, to sweat sensors and motion tracking technology, the accepted projects reflect the diversity of skills and technologies developed at KTH.

During one year, these 15 startup projects will get office space at KTH Innovation, structured business development coaching, weekly workshops to develop their startups and themselves as entrepreneurs, and join in the KTH Innovation community, with the aim of giving the participants the tools and training they need to accelerate their projects.

- Joining KTH Innovation’s pre-incubator program is the start of a journey that we expect to be filled with excitement and determination, says Ines Illipse, co-founder of Stage Me Up!, one of the startup projects accepted to the program. We are looking forward to all the lessons we are yet to learn with the support of talented people in the program whether it was our coaches or other startup mates.

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Meet Batch 9

These are the 15 startup projects accepted to Batch 9 of the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program! Remember where you saw them first! 


Bringing digital art to the world through an innovative, high-tech enabled and secured blockchain solution.

Visit Art_Valuer on tumblr


An intelligent and professional assistant for car owners to have regular mobile car services.


New positioning technology requiring only one point to position a transmitter.

Finna AI

Finna is an AI assistant for Investment Banks enabling them to find and extract essential information from financial documents ten times faster.

Visit the website

Icarus Digital Math

A world-unique breakthrough to predict aerodynamics solving a NASA grand challenge.

Visit the website


KineSens, your fitness buddy, is a motion tracking technology for a more consistent form with your weight training exercises.


GDPR compliant cloud database for sensitive personal data.

Visit the website

SiSP fastighetssystem

A platform to facilitate and automate work for commercial real estate owners.


A network of electric cars charging stations that offers their owners smart charging.

Visit the website

Stage Me Up!

A music application for connecting local artists such as singers, bands, DJs with event organizers, companies or private event holders (e.g. birthdays, weddings)


Enables students to study for examinations using the best possible study skills derived from the latest research. Spend less time on studying, make it more fun and reach higher grades.

Here's the website

The Game

Making drivers the transport business’s most valuable asset, today and tomorrow.


Providing wearable solutions for real-time understanding of human physiology and body control through non-invasive sweat analysis.

Linc Solutions

Engages employees in a healthy lifestyle by connecting organizations with professional athletes through an interactive technical platform.

Here's the website

Volta Greentech

Battles global warming by providing cows with a feed-additive based on seaweed that drastically reduces their methane emissions.

Visit the website

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