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Stories from the pre-incubator program

  • Quality Award for KTH startup

    Maria and Josefine sitting on a lawn holding their instruments.
    Published Oct 27, 2022

    Funki, a KTH startup that creates opportunities for everyone to play in a band, on their own terms is one of three winners of the Quality Innovation Award 2022.

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  • They want to help robots collaborate

    Mustafa Al-Janabi and Elisa Bin working with a radio-controlled car at a table.
    Published Sep 28, 2022

    Imagine that you are riding in a self-driving car in a city. Out of sight, someone gets off a bus and starts walking out into the street. Your car can only react to what it can see, which means that y...

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  • Floccs wants to give all horses a digital identity

    Therese Jonsson and Mathilda Hammarström outside at KTH Campus
    Mathilda and Therese are two of the founders of Floccs.
    Published Sep 15, 2022

    Mathilda and Therese are two of the founders of Floccs, an app that wants give the world's 40 million horses a digital identity. In the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program, they took their idea to th...

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  • How to bootstrap from idea to orbit

    Portrait of Matija Milenovic, KTH alum and co-founder of spacetech startup porkchop
    Published Jun 27, 2022

    In this guest post, Matija Milenovic, KTH alum and co-founder of spacetech startup porkchop, shares their journey from idea to orbit.

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  • Mikaela's closet has 65,000 garments

    Portrait of Mikaela Larsell Ayesa.
    Published Apr 28, 2022

    Hi Mikaela Larsell Ayesa! You are a KTH alumnus and one of the founders of Hack Your Closet, a clothing subscription service that in just three years has gotten over 3000 subscribers. As a student, yo...

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  • Meet the latest startups from KTH

    Group image of all teams
    The teams in Batch 15 of the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program met for the first time at Teknikringen 1. Picture: Patrik Lundmark
    Published Apr 11, 2022

    KTH's latest startups present solutions for everything from tracking algae blooms to how you can find your new non-alcoholic favorite drink. KTH Innovation welcomes nineteen new teams into the pre-inc...

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  • Helping expats get local news

    Group picture of the Riedia team
    Published Feb 10, 2022

    As an expat in Sweden, it is hard to find news about what is happening in your local community in a language you understand. That is what the KTH students behind Riedia want to solve.

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  • KTH startup Univid takes over the online event market - secures investment

    Erik Skogetun, Jonathan Rintala and the KTH logo on a brick wall
    Published Jan 19, 2022

    Erik Skogetun and Jonathan Rintala founded Univid while studying at KTH. After a flying start official supplier for the world’s largest political fair, Almedalen, and with Facebook as its first major ...

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  • Space launch for KTH startup porkchop

    A rocket launch and the porkchop team
    Published Jan 13, 2022

    Matija Milenovic and Victor Gonzales started the spacetech company porkchop as KTH students. Now, their nanosatellite propulsion system is in orbit after a ride into space on SpaceX Falcon 9.

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  • Twenty teams join the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program

    Collage of team pictures
    Published Nov 23, 2021

    From electric boats to savings apps for young adults - here's Batch 14 in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program!

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  • Mentorship motivating students

    Safae Berrahmoune and Hiba Adem
    KTH students Safae Berrahmoune and Hiba Adem are the founders of DYAMO. In July, they won one million SEK in investment in Breakit's competition SHIFT.
    Published Sep 23, 2021

    In July, KTH students Hiba Adem and Safae Berrahmoune won one million SEK in investment. Now, they launch their mentor app DYAMO to get more students to stay in school. In five years, their want every...

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  • They want to help the body rebuild itself

    Álvaro Morales López holding up a 3D-printed scaffold, a white, plastic net.
    The core of their innovation is 3D printed scaffolds for soft tissue engineering. In the future, these scaffolds are meant to be implanted in the body help it heal itself. Photo: Patrik Lundmark
    Published Sep 06, 2021

    Imagine a world where your body can regenerate itself. That is the vision of Akira Science, a spinoff founded by a group of researchers at KTH and Sannio University.

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  • New innovations in carbohydrate standards for life science research

    Amparo Jiménez Quero and Lauren McKee in a lab environment
    Together, Amparo Jiménez Quero and Lauren McKee are founding the company MycOligo with the aim to make the purchase of highly characterised and pure fungal carbohydrate standards more accessible for the scientific and biomedical communities.
    Published May 19, 2021

    Have you ever felt frustrated when you buy something that turns out not to be exactly what you expect? Imagine how annoying it is when your purchase is an expensive chemical standard, and you have to ...

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  • From robots to new materials: 18 KTH startups join the pre-incubator program

    Collage of the participants in Batch 13
    Published Apr 01, 2021

    Over 50% want to actively contribute to sustainable development, and a third have been founded by KTH researchers. Among the ideas are an autonomous robot that delivers food, 3D-printed implants, musi...

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  • Five reasons for KTH researchers to join the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program

    Gustav Notander, Business Development Coach at KTH Innovation, coaching a team.
    Published Feb 16, 2021

    Working on your research and a commercialization project at the same time can seem daunting. But with support from KTH Innovation and a spot in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program it’s proven to ...

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  • Univid wants to become the best at online events

    Erik Skogetun and Jonathan Rintala in front of a blue wall
    Univid founders Erik Skogetun and Jonathan Rintala studied Industrial engineering and management and Computer Science at KTH.
    Published Feb 10, 2021

    Meet the KTH students who will make digital events fun for real. Jonathan Rintala and Erik Skogetun started Univid to make their education better online and offline, but when the pandemic hit, they re...

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  • Flexpenser wants to end the waste of liquids

    Amin Kazemzadeh, Giulia Gaudenzi and Sara Jonegård
    Amin Kazemzadeh, Giulia Gaudenzi and Sara Jonegård during KTH Innovation Demo Day
    Published Jan 19, 2021

    Bad packaging means millions of tons of liquids is thrown away every year. KTH researcher Amin Kazemzadeh came up with a solution to end liquid waste – a 400 billion dollar market. Meet the Flexpenser...

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  • Building the go to platform for train travel

    Daniel Peng, Gabriella Dalman and Julia Huang standing in front of a window
    Published Sep 25, 2020

    Meet the KTH students who will make booking a train journey through Europe as easy as booking a flight online. They are launching Voyley, with their sights set on becoming the go to platform for train...

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  • Millions invested in startups from KTH

    Oscar Örnberg to the left and Vahan Petrosyan to the right, standing in front of a red brick wall.
    SuperAnnotate secured 30 MSEK in investment. CTO Vahan Petrosyan created the algorithms underpinning their image annotation systems while completing his Ph.D. at KTH.
    Published Jun 17, 2020

    Startups and spinoffs from KTH have secured over 150 million SEK in funding and investment this spring. From the world's fastest image annotation system to bone glue, here are the teams to keep track ...

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  • Your accommodation all in one place

    A computer showing Atlas's website standing on a wooden table.
    Published Jun 17, 2020

    Hi Filip Schröder! You've studied Property Development and Agency at KTH, and you have co-founded Atlas, a property management platform that aims to make life easier for everyone involved. Tell us mor...

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