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Published Jun 17, 2020

Hi Filip Schröder! You've studied Property Development and Agency at KTH, and you have co-founded Atlas, a property management platform that aims to make life easier for everyone involved. Tell us more!

About Atlas

First meeting with KTH Innovation: 19 December, 2018 

Coach: Siimon Vaske

Team: Alexander Olsson, Filip Schröder, Tor Andersch & Cedrik Aagaard

First of all, what is Atlas?

We are creating a platform that will lay the foundation for modern property management. Atlas is a real estate system that makes everyday life easier for real estate companies and their tenants. We digitalize and visualize information about contracts, floor plans, invoicing and energy usage and more. Real estate companies can also manage their property portfolio, track revenue, handle documents and much more.

What makes Atlas Special?

We have worked really hard on making the platform user-friendly. We focus on the most important aspects of the technical, administrative and financial sides of property management, and we have made it easy to find all information in just one place. Atlad is fun and easy to work with, regardless of your stage in the digital journey. 

You are one of the teams in Batch 9 of the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program . What has it been like sharing this experience with the other teams in the program?

To be a part of the pre-incubator program at KTH innovation has been a great pleasure. We have learned things that is invaluable for startups in an early stage. All startups in the program have different ideas but all of us are going through the same steps and that makes peer to peer sharing between the teams fun and interesting. Sharing our journey with the other teams has made the development of our company much more efficient and especially much better.

What happens now?

We are up and running with our pilot customers and are working on some very interesting new features of the solution. We have just brought in a new member to the team so we can keep our efficiency up. Currently, we are talking to investors as we seek capital to grow and continue to develop the platform. So if you are an investor interesting in an up and coming proptech startup, just contact us!

Siimon Vaske, you've coached the team. What do you think about their future?

They're an incredidibly engaged team that has been really fun to work with. They understand both technology and market, and that combined with their drive, makes me sure that they will succeed!

Do you have an idea?

Do you have an idea you want to develop with support from KTH Innovation?  Our support is free, confidential, and you don't need to apply. 

The KTH Innovation pre-incubator program

In the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program, early-stage startup projects get extra support and office space, all together with others developing their own ideas. These are the teams that have completed Batch 9 of the program.

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Last changed: Jun 17, 2020