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Putting a stop to cows' emissions

Demo Day for Batch 9

Two conical flasks and a petri dish containing a liquid where the red algae is suspended. In the foreground, a tube runs through the picture.
This is the algae that can reduce cows' greenhouse gas emissions.
Published May 19, 2020

Hi Leo Wezelius! You're one of the founders of KTH startup Volta Greentech, that want to use algae to reduce cows' greenhouse gas emissions.

Leo Wezelius, a young man, smiles at the camera. He's wearing a blue shirt underneath a dark blue sweater. In the background, trees, red flowers, and a yellow house.
Leo Wezelius has studied Media Technology at KTH.

First of all, what is Volta Greentech?

Today, cows produce over 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions just by farting and burping methane, more than twice as much emissions as all the worlds airplanes combined. Volta Greentech is developing a seaweed-based feed supplement that when fed as only 1% of their daily diet reduces up to 80% of a cow’s methane production. This solution is backed by over 6 years of published research and is shown to improve the gut health of the animals.

You’ve now been part of the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program for over a year. If you look back at where you were when you entered the program, how has it contributed to your development?

A lot. Getting a space to sit at campus while having access to so many competent and experienced people at KTH Innovation has been a tremendous support for us in the early stages of founding the company. We are very grateful for all the help, support and expertise we have received from all of the people at KTH innovation.

What has gotten you through the past months of self-isolation?

Medidation, cold showers and running in nature areas in Stockholm like Långholmen.

About Volta Greentech

First meeting with KTH Innovation: January 2019

Team: Leo Wezelius, Fredrik Åkerman & Angelo Demeter

Coach: Lykke Westgren

What is the next step for Volta Greentech?

In parallel to building up the first production site in Lysekil we are now working closely with several of the largest players in the Swedish food industry across the entire value chain for dairy and beef to develop and test our business model. Once we have validated it on the Swedish market and developed a scalable blueprint for producing the algae at high speed and low cost, we will raise our series A round and scale up our operations. If you want to join us on our mission of eliminating 4% of the global greenhouse gas emissions, let us know:

Lykke Westgren, you have been Volta Greentech's Business Development Coach. What do you say?

It has been great following the team, from the time where all they had was a strong will to learn how to become the best at producing the algae, until now, when they have really become experts on the subject and have found their business model and place in the value chain. They are a dedicated team and working with them has been a lot of fun.

Shared with Lisa Bäckman

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The KTH Innovation pre-incubator program

In the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program, early-stage startup projects get extra support and office space, all together with others developing their own ideas. These are the teams that have completed Batch 9 of the program.

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