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Stories from the pre-incubator program

  • 15 new startups accepted to the Pre-incubator Program

    Mikaela Larsell Ayesa & Alice Axelsson, founders of AXMA
    Published Sep 24, 2018

    There seems to be no end to how many entrepreneurs KTH can produce. When KTH Innovation welcomes Batch 8, a record-breaking 15 aspiring startups enter...

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  • KTH Innovation's pre-incubator program, 14.55, Friday August 24th

    Thibault Helle and Ramtin Mass from Labtrino, Batch 6 of the pre-incubator program. Labtrino develops a smart water meter that increases awareness of consumption.
    Published Aug 24, 2018

    The KTH Innovation office is teeming with activity. One team is busy writing a press-release, another is holding a meeting with a potential investor, ...

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  • The summer job that sparked a business idea

    Max Dyrhage, Emil Karlsson and Håkan Dyrhage from the Cheffle team
    Published Jun 29, 2018

    The semester is over and for many KTH students it’s time to start your summer job. Should you run into issues while working, put some extra thought in...

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  • Impressive results when steel meets Artificial Intelligence

    Published Jun 14, 2018

    Swedish history is closely connected to iron. For over a thousand years, its people have mined and refined steel, in a process that has gone from extr...

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  • Solving modern day challenges with a thousand-year old method

    Published Apr 13, 2018

    Have you ever have tried to find that magical amount of water that makes your basil thrive, only to miss watering it for one day and come home to a wi...

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  • Technology that helps when memory fails

    Published Apr 06, 2018

    Gradually it gets harder and harder to remember what you were planning to buy, where you put your wallet and to find your way home from the store. Tod...

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  • 12 cases accepted to Batch 7 of the KTH Innovation Pre-incubator Program

    Published Mar 27, 2018

    Competition was fierce for the positions in Batch 7 of the Pre-incubator Program, but after intense discussion we are now excited to present the 12 ca...

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  • They want to visualize our food's impact on the environment

    Published Mar 23, 2018

    The interest for climate friendly food is growing, and more and more people are making conscious choices for what they put on their plate. But how can...

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  • 10 reasons to apply to the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program

    Published Feb 21, 2018

    Still wondering if the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program is right for you? Check out ten reasons why you should apply!

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  • Map Project - the right to an address

    Picture credit Odedoe, CC BY-SA 2.0
    Published Feb 14, 2018

    “Behind the gas station, up the hill, by the third tree on the right-hand side” – this is how directions can look to a place without an adequate addre...

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  • From digital mindfulness to child obesity - 9 new startups accepted for Batch 6

    Published Nov 02, 2017

    KTH Innovation can now present the nine newest startups that will join the 12 month program of the KTH Innovation pre-incubator.

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