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ProTendering is a startup developing a tool to support purchasers in both private and public sectors by building evaluation models, shortening the time for tendering and tender evaluation and improving performance driven evaluations. They challenge the “shall demand/lowest price paradigm”. The vision is value-driven tender evaluations where quality and performance are optimized at relevant cost.

ProTendering consists of:

· An RPA (robot) for automated import of demands from numerous documents

· A predefined “fail-safe” evaluation model that enables the purchaser to optimize actual value drivers

· Automatic handling of bids from numerous suppliers

ProTendering is a stand-alone tool, independent of other processes and existing digital support. It will work together with and improve whatever processes and tool landscape the purchaser is working in.

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Team: Tina Murray, John Murray, Peter Sandberg, Roger Hult, Mathias Söderberg, Johan de Bourg, Maria Bahrami, Wilma Jashanica, Thom Orahim

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Last changed: Sep 10, 2020