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KTH Africa Days

Welcome to KTH Africa days that takes place at KTH, from 15 to 18 January, 2024.

Time: Mon 2024-01-15 08.00 - Thu 2024-01-18 17.00

Location: Teknikringen 1, KTH Campus and online

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Welcome to participate in KTH Africa Days, an event with the intention to be an illuminating and inspiring occasion for collaboration in and with Africa for KTH:s faculty members as well as for our students.

Program and registration link

Registration for KTH Africa Days is open. You are welcome to sherry-pick and attend the activities you are interested in, either on-site at KTH or online via YouTube.

We will offer you light food and beverages if you attend at KTH.

Click to see the full program and register

Event Overview

KTH Africa Days is an opportunity to share KTH:s vision and strategies for increasing our presence in Africa, showcasing our diverse activities in Africa, including KTH Global Development Hub (GDH), to our colleagues, students, and partners. Our primary objective is not only to inspire but also to forge connections between our researchers and partner institutions, students and impactful projects. Moreover, we aim to address the issue of responsible internationalization related to our global ventures.

Event Format

KTH Africa Days will be a four-day, blended event, primarily held at Teknikringen 1, with some sessions offered in a hybrid format. The event will feature:

  1. Poster Sessions: These will include presentations of research projects/opportunities including seed-funding possibilities, student Challenge-Driven-Education (CDE) projects, GDH posters explaining the four pillars of GDH, and opportunities for student and staff mobility.
  2. Lunch Seminars: Presentations include Food tech innovations, Climate Action, CDE development.
  3. Panel Discussions and Evening Seminars: Distinguished speakers will address topics such as Digitalisation of health data, the role and responsibilities of Higher Education Institutions (HEI:s) in a global context, with insights from experts like Andreas Göthenberg STINT and Stefan Östlund, vice president for international relations KTH. Additionally, we will host a seminar on decolonizing, featuring an invited lecturer.

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