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GDH in numbers

KTH Global Development Hub in numbers since the start in 2017. The latest update was made in May 2020.


  • Number of incoming students to KTH: 46 students
  • Number of outgoing students from KTH: 19 students


  • Number of teachers that have undergone training in Challenge Driven Education (CDE) at KTH: 24 teachers 
  • Number of teachers that have undergone training in Challenge Driven Education (CDE) at partner universities: approx. 100 teachers


Number of CDE courses at KTH:

  • 5 courses
    • Innovations for the Emerging City, Openlab Multidisciplinary Project Course
    • Project Sustainable Urban Planning – Strategies for Urban and Regional Development
    • Software Engineering
    • Challenge driven innovation for sustainable development
    • Ergonomics in product development

Number of CDE courses at partner universities:

  • 3 courses
    • FIT Final Year Project (Strathmore University)
    • Innovation for Sustainable Development (Botho University)
    • Final Year Project (University of Dar-es-Salaam)


Number of students projects within GDH:s student exchange, with the newest projects listed first. The list is not complete. 

Autumn term 2019

Projects at KTH:

  • A social impact assessment for the proposed development in Rimbo
  • Automated Bed Washing Systems
  • Binned Light
  • Diabetes Follow Up
  • Future of Housing
  • Futures of Norrtälje municipality
  • Preventing Child Obesity
  • Swedish challenge: to find sustainable sanitation solutions for latrines in the Värmdö archipelago
  • Urine-Faeces Diverting Compost Latrine - A Solution of Pit Latrine in Rural Areas in Botswana

Spring term 2019

Projects at KTH:

  • BUSS – Brommas Utflyktssugna Seniorer
  • L(a)unch With Us
  • Life Storybook

Projects at Strathmore University:

  • An IoT-Based Hydroponic Monitoring System and Educational Module for Improving Food Security in Slums
  • Clean and Sustainable Cargo Trucks’ Energy (utmaning från Scania med kenyanska studenter)
  • Enhancing Communication within a Course Offering

Autumn term 2018

Projects at KTH:

  • Dicontrast
  • Fireplace
  • Revival
  • Spiderwoman 2.0

Spring term 2018

Projects at Strathmore University:

  • A Collaborative Solar Energy Platform
  • FARMERS’ CLUB - An Information Exchange Platform for Small-scale Farmers
  • Food Safety and Food Distribution
  • UniCab: A Ridesharing Platform for Strathmore Students

Autumn term 2017

Projects at KTH:

  • Cykelbanan+
  • Finns I sjön
  • Stockholm Water Tap