International alumni interviews

Do you want to share your experience and let prospective students know what can happen after graduation? We are looking for international alumni to interview for the KTH website.

What are we doing?

For the upcoming application round for master's studies at KTH starting 15 October we are doing 100 new alumni interviews for our website. These interviews will be published under each master's programme. The interviews are done over e-mail and won't take longer than 1-2 hours in total. We know that this is something that prospective students really look for, and hope that you want to help us provide them with the information they need.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for alumni that have graduated from KTH in the last 10 years. You should have an interesting job that is representative for the programme. We are looking for alumni from all over the world.

Sounds interesting? Fill out our form

If you want to be interviewed for our website, please fill out the form below before 24 May. We can only interview two alumni per programme, so in the case that we get more than two from one programme we will make a selection. We will get back to you in the beginning of June.

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