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KTH in Africa

Africa is a fast developing continent with a rapidly increasing urban population facing many societal challenges. These challenges can be a source of opportunities for future engineers and Swedish companies. KTH has been active in various collaborations with and in Africa for over two decades. The strong networks built in the region present an opportunity for KTH researchers, faculty and students to get involved. Activities in the region include everything from capacity building and research projects to joint PhD programmes and student mobility.

Research projects and collaborations

Research projects in Africa have been carried out in a wide range of research areas: geographical information systems (GIS), land management, ICT innovation and mathematics, to name just a few. For researchers interested in conducting research projects in and with Africa, there are also plenty of potential university and industry partners already connected to KTH.

Student opportunities

KTH offers the opportunity for students to carry out field studies in Africa as part of their Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis. Students can be supported financially to cover extra costs related to field studies, mainly through the Sida-funded Minor Field Studies (MFS) scholarship.

Information on how to apply for Minor Field Studies scholarship

Existing networks for future collaborations

Sweden’s and KTH’s history in the region has generated a network of research and industry contacts who are interested in future collaborations.

Programmes for external funding for projects in Africa

A wide variety of organisations offer funding for different types of research projects and collaborations in and with Africa.