About Nordtek

NORDTEK is a more than 70 years old network between the Rectors and Deans at the Technical Universities and Faculties in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The members represent 30 universities, more than 150.000 students, teachers and researchers.

The Network is open for membership for universities with education in advanced engineering up to Master level and PhD- education in the technical research areas.

NORDTEK shall through exchange of experience, collaboration and cooperation:

  • Develop the member schools comparative strength.
  • Maintain and strengthen the international position of Nordic Advance engineering education
  • Maintain and strengthen the international position of the Nordic engineering research and research education.
  • Enforce the youth interest to study advanced engineering.


NORDTEK’s prime activities are Projects, Networks, Students mobility program, the annual Rector Conference. An important activity in the network is to initiate strategic collaboration in new emerging areas of research and education. Such as:

  • NORDTEK Entrepreneurship network,
  • NORDTEK PhD-Course database, contain more than 2000 courses open for PhD students at member schools.
  • Venture Cup NORDTEK- Innovation and Entrepreneurship competition for students.
  • NORDTEK Mobility program – More than 100 grants yearly for students and teachers.
  • Partner in the NORDIC STEM initiative
  • Collaboration with Association of Nordic Engineers (ANE)

NORDTEK has a cross border perspective when establishing projects and use our member’s national network to recruit participants. Including participants from industry and authorities.

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