Energy Technology and Systems: Sustainable Solutions for Global Challenges

Course Package Outline

The conversion of primary energy resources along with the efficient utilization of electricity, heat, cooling, and other energy services remain critical issues towards the goal of achieving a sustainable society. Tomorrow’s energy engineers must be proficient with a wide range of renewables – solar, wind, biomass, and others – possessing skills related to how these resources can be harnessed both at the component and system level. Energy end-use in buildings and in industry requires careful consideration of systems for providing proper controlled environments for heating, cooling, and ventilation. In this package, students will be exposed to fundamental and applied topics in sustainable energy engineering, with particular emphasis on thermal processes, and will be provided with tools and methodologies for solving a variety of problems in Swedish and international settings.

Lectures, tutorials, labs, field visits, and project work are employed in an interactive manner, with focus on problem solving in terms of technical, financial, environmental, and end user issues. The course package is coordinated by the Department of Energy Technology.


Autumn term

MJ2405 Sustainable Power Generation, 9.0 ECTS

MJ2407 Sustainable Energy Utilization, 9.0 ECTS

MJ2411 Renewable Energy Technology, 6.0 ECTS

MJ2413 Energy and Environment, 6.0 ECTS

Spring term

MJ2424 Computational Methods in Energy Technology, 6.0 ECTS

MJ2410 Energy Management, 6.0 ECTS

MJ2426 Applied Heat and Power Technology, 6.0 ECTS

MJ2412 Renewable Energy Technology, Advanced Course, 6.0 ECTS

MJ2438 Modeling of Energy Systems – Heat and Power Generation, 6.0 ECTS

Specific Admission Requirements

Completed 60% of the studies planned for your degree program (at least 3 years) in mechanical engineering or equivalent with coursework in engineering thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid mechanics.

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Prof. Andrew Martin, Director of Studies

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