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Transfer of Appropriate Requirements for Global Education and Technology


The TARGET project consortium includes thirteen Central Asian Universities and seven EU universities. The project will be co-ordinated by KTH Royal Institute of Technology which has a long term experience of European project management The EU consortium will be involved in the organisation of the mobility flows, definition of rules for hosting and welcoming the students and in the diffusion of information. The mobility activities will concern all levels of education and most of the fields mentioned in the call for proposals will be covered with a priority given to the fields of major interest for Central Asian universities. On the whole, 80 mobilities are foreseen.

This multicountry project will support the development of Higher Education in Central Asia as a top priority and will help to develop the economical situation and rise the life standard as a side effect.

The role of higher education is of growing importance, since it solves the problems of formatting the local economies, by ensuring a smooth and sustainable transition to the next level of innovation and intensive development.

The project brings together a multidisciplinary consortium providing a unique opportunity to develop innovative new academic programmes and courses that will provide a common educational core while, at the same time, enabling students to choose elective modules according to their professional development needs and personal interests.

The TARGET project will help to provide a skilled and knowledgeable professional workforce capable of working at a high level within local and regional universities programmes with the support of new research Technologies. The project will recruit students and staff from different areas and professions.

During the project life, the students will be taught and trained by top-level specialists from the EU partner universities which will also enable the partners to establish different network links for future research, education and innovation activities within the project and beyond for further joint actions in the frame of EU projects and with own national and regional fundings made available to promote the cooperation between the two areas.

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