Bike day at KTH Campus, 16 May

Welcome to KTH Entré Square for a cycling day at the KTH Campus 16 May 10-14. This year you can bring your bike to the Pop-up bike workshop where two bike mechanics will help you fix your bike. The workshop has room for about 20 bikes so don't be shy! Alien Bikes are back with their crazy bikes for you to try and you can also enter to win bikes. 1st prize is a grand slam upcycled bike.

Bike is a collaboration between KTH, Akademiska Hus and THS Student Union.

Science Café, May 16

Did you know one year commuting with an electric bike has less climate impact than one single day’s commuting with a car? Welcome to a Science Café on biking and sustainable transport. Discuss cycling and sustainable transport with researchers Teo Enlund and Hanna Hasselqvist from A Car Free Year.

Time: May 16, 10.15-11.00
Place: Open Café
Language: English

  • Enter to win a bike - First prize is a grand slam bike, 2nd -6th bikes. All bikes are upcycled.
  • Pop-up bike workshop -Need help to fix up your bike? Two mechanics will help you to do common repairs. We have room for 20 bikes at a time. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike)
  • Try out Alien Bikes' crazy bikes – try out the impossible tandem bike, mini-bikes and a high wheeler!
  • Science Café on cycling and sustainable transport- Discuss with researchers from a Car free year at Open Café kl: 10.15-11.00