KTH-Sustainability Education Day, May 12 2015

KTH-Sustainability Education Day is an afternoon focusing on the integration of environment and sustainable development in education hosted by KTH-Sustainability.


Datum: May 12, 13:00-17:00 (with following mingel and poster session)
Lokal: OpenLab
Language: English
Moderator: Elina Eriksson

Keynote speakers: Christina Lindbäck, Senior Vice President Sustainability, NCC; Christian Baresel, PhD, IVL; and Gloria Gallardo Fernández, Director of Research Studies at CEFO, Uppsala University.

KTH graduates act as a driving force in social and technological development and the engineers and architects of the future must be able to provide sustainable solutions. The knowledge and tools KTH provides the students with today will influence the society of tomorrow. It is therefore important that we continually develop our courses and programmes so that they have a clear link to societal needs and provide knowledge for graduates' future professions.

We are pleased that many joined us at KTH-Sustainability Education Day to discuss innovative ways to integrate sustainability into a wide range of course modules, programs and doctoral studies.


Moderator: Elina Eriksson, Project Leader, KTH-Sustainability


13.00    Welcome

13.10    Keynote speaker
Engineers of the future what skills should they possess outside their core competences to transform society in a sustainable direction? Christina Lindbäck, Senior Vice President Sustainability, NCC  Christina_Lindbäck.pdf (pdf 4.4 MB)

13.35    Sustainability Modules

14.15    Integrating Sustainable Development on a Program Level

15.00    Coffee Break

15.35    Education and sustainable development at KTH
Per Berglund, Vice Dean of Faculty  Per_Berglund.pdf (pdf 1.7 MB)

15.50   Keynote speaker
Inspiration Christian Baresel, PhD, IVL

16.10   Sustainability for PhD students

16.30    Keynote speaker
Student-driven sustainability education and interdisciplinary work at Uppsala University
Gloria Gallardo Fernández, Director of Research Studies at Cemus Research Forum, Uppsala University  Gloria_Gallardo.pdf (pdf 1.1 MB)

16.50   Summary and conclusions
Göran Finnveden, Vice President for Sustainable Development 

17.00   Poster session, food and mingle