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KTH Placemaking week, 16-17 May

Welcome to a placemaking event on KTH campus on the theme of sustainability. Come and explore the campus on the 16th and 17th of May to discover inspiring sustainability campus projects by KTH students. Grab a free soup, learn about food waste and visit Bike Day to learn about the student bike pool Grab&Bike. Follow the colorful routes on the ground to discover more projects and activities like KTH's beehives, learn how to give your food scraps a second life or just sit down anywhere outside in colorful chairs!

KTH Placemaking week is an initiative by students from the Urbanism Studies master, the Centre for the Future of Places, Stipo Netherlands, Landskapslaget and other KTH students engaged in sustainability issues. The event is proudly supported by Akademiska Hus and the KTH Sustainability Office.

 KTH Entré

Welcome to Bike Day  at KTH Entré 10:00-14:00 on May 16th. Sign up for the new bike rental system for students will be promoted: Grab&Bike. Bring your bike in to the pop-up bike workshop where you will have access to tools and advice for fixing up your bike. Take part in a Science café at 10:!5 in OpenLab Café where you can discuss sustainabile transportation with researchers from "A Car Free Year".  From KTH Entré colorful lines will guide students to the other event locations.

Food Truck Area

In the foodtruck area the concept of energy saving will be demonstrated by connecting them to the grid, instead of running on their engines. This will reduce noise and air pollution. The campus will be brightened by placing chairs and tables on the nearby grass, so to invite people to use the green space. Near the foodtrucks a recycling bin is placed accompanied with more information on recycling and energy saving concepts.

Triangle Park

The triangular square will be the focal point of the event. The focus on this square is on how to deal with food waste. A workshop will be given where people are taught how to replant their food scraps in a very simple process. The food scraps will be obtained from a gazpacho that is made on the square and handed out for free. Also, other inspiring sustainability projects from different KTH’s students will be showcased on the square: a small prototype of a wind turbine by engineers without borders, a food computer, Urban Oasis, …

Beehives and Urban Gardening

Do you know about Queen Bee McBeeface and Queen Beeyoncé ? The beehives and urban gardens are not known by many on campus, therefore they will be pointed to with clearer signs. At the KTH beehives more information is given on the importance of bees and a poster explains the concept of urban gardening, and how you can register to KTH’s urban gardens.