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Sustainability Pub for PhD students, 19 sept

Welcome to a pub night for PhD students and young researchers interested in sustainability.

Pub night for PhD students and young researchers interested in sustainability.

Say hello, grab a drink and a bite while you mingle with fellow doctoral candidates from Stockholm region interested in and or working within sustainability research. All disciplines, expertise and interests linked to sustainability are welcome. The pub night is an opportunity for all who are interested in sustainability to meet in a relaxed form.

Our guest for the evening is Professor Sverker Sörlin who will share how a strategic investment in environmental and sustainability research has formed his academic career up until now. Recently Sörlin has published “The Environment — a history of the idea” which he co-authored. The book provides a foundation in understanding the historical roots of the concept the environment. He has also been chosen as a recipient of a prestigious ERC Advanced grant from the European Research Council. The grant will provide funding to carry out a historical study into the emergence and development of environmental governance.

About Sverker Sörlin

In 1993, Sörlin assumed the first chair in environmental history in Scandinavia, at Umeå University. He has held an adjunct position at the Stockholm Resilience Centre and visiting positions at University of California Berkeley, University of Cambridge, University of Oslo, University of Cape Town, and the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton NJ, and stints at the Peder Wall Institute for Advanced Study at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Sörlin has been Associate Director for the Center for History of Science in the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and has served as an advisor to the Swedish government on research-, innovation-, and environmental issues for over two decades. He is currently a member of the Swedish Climate Policy Council which is charged with the task to evaluate Sweden's government policies to reach the zero CO2 emission target for year 2045.

During the 1990s Sörlin started taking an interest 'greening of the campus' issues. In 2010-11 he chaired the committee at KTH that proposed the establishment of KTH Sustainability that became operational in 2012.

Sörlin is published in the fields of history of science, environmental history, the history of forestry, human ecology, environmental humanities, European history, research policy, innovations studies, and the history and politics of higher education. He frequently appears in Swedish media, and writes popular science and narrative non-fiction. He has received several awards, including the August Prize (2004; named after August Strindberg) and the Lars Salvius award (2012) for his work to popularize environmental and climate issues for a wide audience.