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ISCN 2018

ISCN 2018
Sustainable development: Acting with purpose
June 11-13 2018, Stockholm, Sweden
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Welcome to KTH Royal Institute of technology, June 11-13

Welcome to KTH


Higher Education Institutions (HEI's) have a unique role and responsibility for the future and for driving the development of a sustainable society. HEI’s are charged with the task of fostering sustainability in the leaders of tomorrow, developing solutions and methods to address a sustainable future and ensuring that we contribute knowledge to society. HEI’s must also ensure that our everyday operations and practices are consistent with a sustainable future and we work to holistically integrate sustainability into mission of the university and our daily tasks.


The aim of the 2018 ISCN Conference is to emphasise the current and future role of Higher Education Institutions for sustainable development. This includes education, research, collaboration and operations and facilities.

This year we are taking a new approach to curating content for the conference –we will both curate sessions and crowdsource your ideas to provide the opportunity for your projects to be highlighted. Through active participation and engagement more ISCN members and guests will contribute to the sharing of knowledge, culture, models and methods to further advance our commitment to the development of sustainability. The benefits of sharing experiences will build and expand relationships and networks of experts within ISCN and encourage continuing exchanges throughout the year.

Conference reports and publications

Conference reports and publications

ISCN 2018 ran for three days at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The program aimed to engage and inspire practitioners, administrators, staff, or students in their work with Sustainable Development.

GLOBAL PRIORITIES, EDUCATED SOLUTIONS The Role of Academia in Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals

A report on the program hosted by the International Alliance of Research Universities ( IARU) during the Annual Conference of the International Sustainable Campus Network, 12 June 2018 in KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Global Priorities, Educated Solutions (

Special Issue of Sustainability Journal - "Sustainable Development and Higher Education Institutions: Acting with a purpose"

 This special issue of Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050) includes papers that were presented at the ISCN 2018 conference. This special issue belongs to the section "Sustainable Engineering and Science".

Sustainable Development and Higher Education Institutions: Acting with a purpose (

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Video: Research and education for a brighter tomorrow

About ISCN International Sustainable Campus Network

The International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN) is a non-profit association of globally leading colleges and universities representing over 30 countries and working together to holistically integrate sustainability into campus operations, research and teaching.

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