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KTH-Sustainability Research Day 2012

On October 11th we gathered researchers from all around KTH to join in conversations and presentations on: Research for the environment, and a sustainable brighter tomorrow.

Thank you!

It was a pleasure to have such great audience with us on KTH-Sustainability Research Day, Thursday 11 October. We would like to express thanks and appreciation to all of you for joining us at this special event. A special thanks to all our speakers!

KTH is now one step closer to become a leading university in environmental and sustainable development.

The printed program and participant list can be downloaded here:

  KTH-Sustainability Research Day 2012 (pdf 887 kB) .


Get an overview of the environmental and sustainable research at KTH

Do you really know what your colleagues' research is about? Get an overview of the sustainable research at KTH, and learn about the latest strategies from research funders.

The day aims to strengthen our research, finding new collaborations, and understanding what is over the horizon. Learn and discuss the challenges and opportunities in reaching a sustainable society of tomorrow, Stefan Löfven, Leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party. Get an insight about the latest funding strategies, Anna Ledin, General Secretary, Formas and Jonas Brändström, Chief-Strategy Officer, Vinnova. An overview of the environmental and sustainable research at KTH will be presented followed by short presentations from our own researchers at KTH.

This unique day is a result of last year event and mapping of the research at KTH, done by KTH-Sustainability among others.

Stefan Löfven, Anna Ledin and Jonas Brändström

Date: Thursday, 11 October 2012
Time: 13:00 to 19:00 (food and a drink from 17:00)
Location: KTH Campus, Nymble, Drottning Kristinas väg 15

Program overview

Please, do not print this for the event. A program will handed out during registration.

12.45 Registration and coffee

13:15 Welcome and introduction to sustainability at KTH

Science and art for the environment and a sustainable brighter tomorrow - what does it mean? An introduction of the research at KTH and who is doing what.
Göran Finnveden, Vice-President for Sustainable Development Finnveden (pdf 234 kB)
Teresia Sandberg, Project co-ordinator, KTH-Sustinability/Sustainable Campus
Birgitta Westin, Environmental Manager, Sustainable Campus Westin (pdf 292 kB)

13:40Which are the challenges and opportunities in reaching a sustainable society of tomorrow?

The role of policy making and co-operation
Stefan Löfven, Leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party, former board member of KTH

Questions from the participants

Presentations of the research at KTH

Fredrik Gröndahl, Associate Professor, Industrial Ecology Gröndahl (pdf 1.7 MB)
Åsa Moberg, PhD, Head of Division of Environmental strategies Research
Åsa Svenfelt, PhD, Head of Division of Environmental strategies Research
Mattias Höjer, Professor, Centre for Sustainable Communications (CESC)
Stefan Östlund dean of School of Electrical Engineering

14:30 How can we ensure that research of highest scientific quality, will also contribute to a sustainable development?

How important is sustainability and what kind of research strategies will come?
Anna Ledin, Secretary General, Formas Ledin (pdf 4.2 MB)


Bort allt vad oro gör, Fjäril vingad syns på Haga, of Carl Michael Bellman
Kongl. Teknologkören

Discussion at the tables

Presentations of the research at KTH

Gen Larsson, Professor, Head of Divison of Bioprocess Larsson (pdf 2.6 MB)
Torkel Berglund, Associate Professor, Biochemistry Berglund (pdf 650 kB)
Björn Palm, Professor, Head of Division Energy Technology
Semida Silveira, Professor, Head of division of Energy and Climate Studies Palm and Silveira (pdf 3.3 MB)
Mikael Nybacka, Assistant Professor, Deputy Director and Communication Manager, KTH Transport Platform

15:15 Coffee break

15.40 When is the research worth spreading?

Innovation and needs-driven research
Jonas Brändström, Chief Strategy Officer, Eco-Innovation, Vinnova

Discussion at the tables

Presentations of the research at KTH

Sara Ilstedt, Professor product and service design, Green Leap
Teo Enlund, Industrial Designer, Green Leap Ilstedt and Enlund (pdf 2.6 MB)
Anders Wörman, Professor, Division of Water Resources Engineering
Staffan Laestadius, Professor of Industrial Dynamics, head of section for Industrial Dynamics
Mats Johansson, Professor, Head of Division, Fibre and Polymer Technology

16:25 What challenges can we address?

Presentations of the research at KTH

Karin Edvardsson Björnberg, PhD, Divison of Philosophy Edvardsson Björnberg.pdf (pdf 220 kB)
Conrad Luttropp, Professor, Machine Design Luttropp (pdf 1.1 MB)
Hans Lind, Professor, Vice Head of Division of building and real estate economics Lind.pdf (pdf 38 kB)
Per Alvfors, Professor, Head of Division, Energy Processes Alvfors (pdf 1012 kB)
Prosun Bhattacharya, Professor, KTH-International Groundwater Arsenic Research Group

KTH-Sustainability Doctorate Platform

Björn Frostell, Associate Professor, Industrial Ecology
Josefin Wangel, PhD, Division of Environmental Strategies Research, Centre for Sustainable Communications
Emma Strömberg, Ph.D, CHE/Polymeric materials

Summary of the day with Furhat

Joakim Gustafsson, Associate Professor, Department of speech music and hearing

17:00 Mingle and food

Food is served and the student bar opens for mingle with students and the participants.


The registration is closed. Please, contact if you have any questions.

Participants and speakers

Invited to this unique event, are all researchers at KTH, research funders, and representatives of the society and business.

The keynote speakers are
Stefan Löfven, Leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party
Anna Ledin, General Secretary, Formas
Jonas Brändström, Chief-Strategy Officer, Vinnova.

During the day, researchers at KTH featuring the environment and sustainable development as either the central aspect of their operations or a key component of the research carried out within their specific field, will have short presentation about their research.

A limited numbers of students are invited. Please contact  for more information.


If you have any questions about the event. Please, contact