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KTH researchers help Stockholm to recover wastewater heat

Published Jun 22, 2021

In Royal Seaport, Stockholm's flagship for green city building, the city developers are looking at integrating wastewater heat recovery from the buildings in the next development stage Kolkajen. A group of researchers from KTH are now assisting the city in finding the most optimal system solution at Kolkajen. Jörgen Wallin, researcher at Department of Energy Technology, is leading the work. He says that energy recovery from wastewater can help in meeting the requirements for energy efficiency but that one has to think carefully about the design of such systems.

"It is not just about the technical installations in the buildings. Energy is lost in the pipes along the way and the system architecture makes a very big difference for the overall performance on energy efficiency and the economy of the system", Jörgen says.

Experience and results from the Formas-funded project SEQWENS are now put to good use in the new collaboration around Kolkajen, which involves City of Stockholm, Stockholm Exergi AB, Stockholm Vatten och Avfall AB, and KTH.


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Last changed: Jun 22, 2021