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Symbiosis - multifaceted exhibition in collaboration with KTH research

Foto/Photo: John Jakobsson
Published Aug 26, 2021

Researchers Mattias Höjer, Timos Karpouzoglou , Katarina Larsen and David Nilsson have collaborated with artists from Färgfabriken and developed elements in the upcoming exhibition Symbiosis.The exhibition opens on 28 August.

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The ambition of the exhibition, which will be presented in Färgfabriken's main hall, is to make visible how artists, architects and researchers approach the concept of "symbiosis" based on different themes.

About Symbiosis

Symbios is an ongoing experiment created together with artists, researchers, designers and architects to explore new ways of thinking about our world and the challenges facing humanity.

Exhibition at Färgfabriken 28 August - 28 November 2021

The exhibition moves between different themes to find interesting connections between a number of subject areas, such as water, resource use, energy, our relationship to technology and future social design with inspiration from nature. The term symbiosis has been used as a metaphor and a way of thinking together. Through collaboration between art and research, new perspectives and issues are created.

Ideas developed in dialogue between art and science

All participants have reflected and formulated themselves based on their own experiences and methods, and in some cases art and science have collaborated. An example is a new work that has been created through frequent studio conversations between the artist Jens Evaldsson and researcher Mattias Höjer , professor of environmental strategies and future studies at KTH, about natural resources, carbon dioxide emissions and emission rights, but also about methods and strategies for processing and creating understanding for complex relationships.

The artist Åsa Cederqvist has entered into a creative collaboration with the research project NATURE (KTH) , which explores relationships between nature and society through urban infrastructure with a focus on water and its often hidden systems.

The dialogue has landed in both new reasoning and works of art. One of the researchers, David Nilsson , KTH, says about treatment and collaboration:

- In times when we face difficult and complex challenges, we need to test new ways. An artistic process is an exploration that uses methods other than the scientific ones. It creates other freedoms and other claims, but has its own validity.

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