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KTH Food Sustainability Network

KTH Food Sustainability Network engages and aligns the education, research and outreach at KTH towards a resource efficient and fair food system which encompasses the entire value chain, resulting in sustainable food systems and products with positive impact on good health and well-being.

The overall aim is to consolidate the network KTH Food Sustainability as a visible research, educational and outreach platform integrating the currently scattered efforts at KTH. Four areas of interest have been identified related to the current food sustainability challenges: Sustainable Food Production and Consumption, Food Protection and Safety, Food Quality and Health, and Food Processes and Waste Management. The network will provide an arena for stimulating discussions, cooperation and development within KTH, and to promote external collaboration and knowledge exchange with other universities, organisations and food companies.

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Francisco Javier Vilaplana Domingo
Francisco Javier Vilaplana Domingo
associate professor, head of d 0701667417