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Call for funding within the area of education and sustainable development.

Application and deadline

Deadline for application: June 3, 2021

Please observe: The previous template sent out and posted on the web contained an incorrect field where the amount applied for is specified.In this call, there is not a maximum limit of SEK 150,000 for each application as was stated in that template.This has now been corrected in the attached template and on the website. The total sum to allocate is 1 million.

Use the application template 2021 (docx 19 kB)   

Send your application to and mark your email with "Utbildningssatsning HU".

The Vice President for Sustainable Development may allocate SEK 1 million per year, until 2023, for educational initiatives in sustainable development.

Project proposals may be about :

  • Contributing to the new sustainability goal for education where climate neutrality and gender equality are particularly emphasized. The sustainability goal also emphasizes students skills to contribute to sustainable development.
  • Strengthening postgraduate education with regard to sustainable development - Developing digital courses / modules / educations with a focus on sustainability that can also be used internationally
  • Developing and driving collaborations in teacher teams for integration of sustainable development in the educations within schools / institutions

Proposals are written in the attached template and sent no later than 3 June 2021 to . Mark your email with "Utbildningssatsning HU" in the subject line. Decisions about which projects will receive funding will take place before the summer.