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Frequently asked questions with answers regarding the graduation ceremony in th City hall are listed below.

Who gets the invitation?

All masters and masters of science, bachelors and architects who has received their degree certificate will be invited to the ceremony in City Hall.

When do I get my invitation?

If your degree is registered in the system between November 9th - April 7th you will be invited to the ceremony in late May.
If your degree is registered in the system between April 7th - November 9th you will be invited to the ceremony in mid December.

Do I have to participate in the ceremony to get the degree?

No, however you have to get your degree to be able to participate in the ceremony.

Can I receive the diploma by post?

No, the diploma is a souvenir from the ceremony. The degree certificate is your formal proof of your degree.

Why do I have to register me and my guests in advance?

You have to register so that there will be a diploma with your name and your name gets listed in the programme. We also need to know the total number of guests, so we do not exceed the limit of 1200.

How do I find the way to City Hall?

Closest subway station is the central station. Bus 3, 40 52 and 62 has bus stops across the street from City Hall.

Is there any parking close?

The City Hall has no parking lots for external guests. Nearest parking space is Norr Mälarstrand.

Why do we have to rehearse?

The rehearsal is necessary to maintain the solemnity of the ceremony and to avoid misstakes with getting the wrong diploma.

At what time does the rehearsal start?

The rehearsal starts at 3.30 p.m. in City hall. Gatering in the Golden Hall upstairs. The rehearsal is compulsory if you want to attend the ceremony.
Please see the short movie to the right under the headline rehearsal.

Can I change after the rehearsal?

No, you have to be dressed and ready when the rehearsal starts. There is hardly time to change after the rehearsal.

I cannot attend the rehearsal, what do I do?

Since the rehearsal is essential for attending the ceremony, unfortunately you have to pass, and postpone your attendance to the next opportunity.

How is the ceremony performed?

The ceremony starts with a flag parade and all graduands in line sorted in correct order parading downstairs to their chairs in the Blue Hall. When the parade music has finished you sit down. The head usher enters the rostrum and presents the president. The president opens the ceremony with a speach followed by the first director of undergraduate studies to commence the ceremony. During this the graduands starts to line up to get ready to receive the diploma.
This goes on until all graduands are graduates. The ceremony takes approximately 1 h, 45 minutes, and ends in a parade out/uptairs with all graduates and guests.
During the ceremony there will be a couple of breaks with entertainment from the KTH academic orchestra. Check the short movie under the headline " Rehearsal" and you will get an idea.

How many guests can I bring?

Since the City Hall cannot accomodate more than 1200 people, we are forced to reduce the maximum number of guests per graduand to 3. However, should you require more, please fill in the desired number of guests in the space for "Other information" in the application form. The seats we do have available will be distributed on a first come, first serve bases.

Can I sit next to my guests during the ceremony?

No that is not possible. Due to the necessity of a smooth flowing ceremony, all graduands are seated in predetermind order, sorted in correct school and program. Please note that you cannot arrive at the same time as your guests, since the graduands are invited to 3.30 and the guests an hour later.

Can children attend the ceremony?

Yes, children are welcome, but the also count as a person due to the fire regulations. They have to keep quiet and cannot run around disturbing the ceremony.

Is it OK to take pictures during the ceremony?

Yes, if you or your guests do it in a discreet manner. KTH has hired a professional photographer that will document the entire ceremony including every singel graduand receiving the diploma from the president.
The pictures can be viewed and bought from the photographers website, see the link in this web sight.

What happens after the ceremony?

After the ceremony a glass of sparkling wine and some snacks will be served to all graduates and guests in the Golden hall. We also serve the drinks in the Blue Hall so if there is a lot of people attending.

What about the dress code?

The dress code is white tie or neat business attire.
White tie stands for tails with white vest, white bowtie, white skirt, black shoes and black socks. It also translates to national dress or military mess kit. For women it is long evening gown.

Neat business attire means dark two or three piece suit i.e. dark blue, black, dark grey, dark brown. White or light colored skirt, tie in any color except white. For women long or sknee short dress or skirt.

Normally the graduands are dressed 50/50 in white tie or business attire.

You will not use the undergraduate hat.

What if my degree application is not processed in time?

Then you will automatically be invited to the next upcoming ceremony.

I need (or my relatives need) a letter of invitation to apply for visa. What do I do?

Send the names of your relatives to and explain that you need it for visa application. You will then receive the letter/s in pdf. Please write in your e-mail if you need the originals as well.
If the letter should be for yourself, send your birthdate and KTH ID.