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Gunilla Efraimsson

Professor in Aerodynamics

Drag and lift are examples of how a vehicle is affected by the air flowing around it while in motion – what we call aerodynamics. We can examine the shape of an aeroplane's wing, a Formula 1 car or the front of a high-speed train to see how the aerodynamics have been incorporated in the design of a vehicle. As the methods for conducting aerodynamic computations have developed, computational aerodynamics have become a natural part of the design of new vehicles, together with air tunnel and field measurements.

Gunilla Efraimsson's research focuses on developing and implementing new computational and analytical methods to improve our knowledge of aerodynamic computations. The research is based on a multi-disciplinary perspective by including issues relating to acoustics, vehicle dynamics, light-weight construction and environmental analysis. She is also active in the field of aeroacoustics, where advanced computations are becoming increasingly important. Here, Efraimsson and her research group develop faster computation methods that are specially designed for noise from ground-based vehicles and ventilation systems.

The research group often collaborates with researchers conducting experiments or developing basic theories and with the Swedish and European vehicle industries.


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