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Sandhya Choubey

Professor in Theoretical Physics

Dark matter accounts for a very large proportion of our universe, but we still do not know what this matter actually contains. Neutrinos are among the tiniest and most difficult to detect particles in the universe. By combining theoretical particle physics with large scale experiments, Sandhya Choubey hope to reveal the secret of these mysterious particles and the relation to dark matter.  

Sandhya Choubey works within the field of theoretical particle physics and specialises in describing neutrinos and dark matter. In particular, she has concentrated on understanding how neutrinos oscillate. Her research also focus on dark matter.

In attempts to understand neutrino oscillations and dark matter, theoretical models are built and these models relate dark matter, mass of neutrinos, expansion of the universe as well as explain why there is more matter than anti-matter in the universe.

Choubey engages in research at the Neutrino Observatory in India where large scale experiments are performed to detect neutrinos in the atmosphere. She also has links with the Hyper-Kamiokande Neutrino Observatory in Japan, which means KTH is involved in experiments that hopefully will contribute to revealing some of the most exciting secrets in the universe. 

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