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Programme themes

KTH and THE has brought together experts to unravel the opportunities and challenges, successes and risks in different socio-economic contexts.
The three days will offer keynotes and panel debates, networking events and workshops related to the impact of universities in supporting innovation in industry and social governance.

What makes a successful innovation climate?

How universities can create a national innovation culture

These sessions will explore how the northern European socioeconomic model can act as an incubator to innovative companies and research that has a global impact. What are the distinctions between innovation-led companies originating from northern Europe compared to their peers with origins from North America and East Asia? What cultural factors might affect those companies?

Regulating responsibly

These sessions will look at issues surrounding the importance of national regulatory authorities and legislators keeping pace with international cooperation and innovation for global markets.

Instead of the market as a regulator can there be a common, internationalized understanding of social responsibility and how can universities contribute to the understanding and practice of that.

Lean innovation – the value of diversity

These sessions will investigate what models are available for university leaders with limited budgets and facilities. Does the greatest research and innovation come from those institutions with the biggest resources? Is there a formula to find the right balance of diversity of talent and restricted funds that can support innovation? And are performance metrics and targets vital measures of success or bureaucracy that suppresses free thinking?

For further information about the Summit and to view the programme once available, please visit the THE Innivation and Impact Summit 2022 website .

Event programme

The detailed event agenda including speakers, is published on THE's webpage.


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