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FPIRC invites to an open lecture with Max Tegmark on Our Mathematical Universe

The forest products industry research college FPIRC invites you to an open lecture with Max Tegmark, Professor at MIT - that with the lecture Our Mathematical Universe takes us on a staggering journey in the fascinating world of physics and mathematics! Registration is now open!

Time: Wed 2018-11-14 14.30 - 16.15

Location: F1, KTH

Max Tegmark has been called "the world's smartest Swede" and he means that our
physical world can not only be described with the help of mathematics but that it
actually is mathematics! His theories have big consequences for how research are to approach many of the fundamental questions in physics and how we undertand the world around us.

The lecture is arranged by FPIRC, the Forest Products Industry Research College. Since the start in 1996, FPIRC has coordinated courses for new products and materials from the forest – always with a strong scientific focus and with a passion for knowledge! As FPIRC’s course activities are becoming a part of the national research platform Treesearch, a symposium will be held at KTH on November 14. The lecture with Max Tegmark is part of the FPIRC closing symposium, open to all interested. FPIRC especially welcomes students!

About Max Tegmark
Max Tegmark is M.Sc.from KTH, MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics, doctor of the University of California, Berkeley and now an active professor at the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Except his research on mathematics he is also known for his research on artificial intelligence and is cofounder to Future of Life Institute. Max Tegmark is author of the bestselling books ”Our mathematical universe” and ”Life 3.0” and has among other participated in TED2018 and Sommar i P1.

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Josefin Illergård