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Lunch Seminar: 5G and AI

James Gross, KTH Edge Computing - The Internet of Reality
Elena Fersman, Ericsson / KTH AI in Telecom and Beyond
Andreas Dahlqvist, Telia Telia’s Journey to 5G

Time: Thu 2019-05-09 12.00 - 13.00

Location: KTH Entré

James Gross KTH:

Title: Edge Computing - The Internet of Reality

Description: Communication networks are today used to communicate message and information mainly between humans. Being able to do that on a global scale has made networks tremendously successfull. However, today's networks are still much too slow to allow for more sophisticated functions like assisting humans in everyday tasks or steering autonomous cars on the street. For this to become possible, we will have to represent reality at close-by compute nodes leading to an entirely new notion of the "The Internet". Key to enabling this future is a concept call edge computing, which we also touch upon in the talk.

Elena Fersman KTH / Ericsson:

Title: AI in Telecom and Beyond

Abstract: Industries such as automotive, transportation and manufacturing present typical examples of cyber-physical systems, where the physical world is linked with the virtual world aiming at creating a desired global behavior in a collaborative manner. Such systems are becoming increasingly connected, providing new cross-domain business opportunities. However, ubiquitous connectivity and heterogeneity of systems pose new challenges, as vast amounts of data and information from many sources will need to be analyzed, combined and actioned in a safe, ethical and transparent way. This creates complexity that goes beyond the capabilities of human management, and hereby, a need for intelligent automation. We will discuss AI-powered automated management of cyber-physical systems with examples ranging from telecom to smart cities.

Andreas Dahlqvist Telia:

Titel: Telia’s Journey to 5G

Description: 5G is the new generation mobile technology and will bring new capabilities leading to new use cases and business value for both enteprises and consumers. Telia is driving the development towards 5G in Sweden both from a technical and business perspective. Listen to how Telia’s journey looks like and how we develop new services together with customers and parts in an ecosystem. Lunch Seminar: 5G and AI (pdf 195 kB)