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Lunch Seminar: TECH FOR CARE

Time: Thu 2020-02-27 12.00 - 13.00

Location: KTH Entré, Drottning Kristinas Väg 4

Lukas Berg, nurse specialized in preventative care, lecturer at Sophiahemmets Högskola's ambulansprogram, CrashCourse AB.

Titel: Is VR actually going to save lives?

Develops software that is used to research if VR can be used as an educational tool on terror-attacks. We're creating an app to test gamification on healthcare employees. 

We're investigating the application of gamification to enhance the cooperation between first-responders.

Lisa Prahl Wittberg professor , KTH

Titel: Improved treatment with artificial lung

Lisa Prahl Wittberg, associate professor Applied Fluid Dynamics at KTH, with support from Region Stockholm.

This research project is currently investigating how treatment with ECMO can be delivered more effectively and gently. This project aims to reduce strain on the blood during cannulation, as well as the proportion of oxygen-rich blood being drained into the ECMO circuit instead of remaining in the body to oxygenate it. 

Mats Danielsson, professor KTH 

Titel: Minimizing stroke damage

Mats Danielsson holds around 50 patents and is co-author of over 100 peer reviewed scientific publications in journals such as Medical Physics, Physics in Medicine and Biology, Journal of Medical Imaging and Nature.

Stroke is one of the leading causes of death and disability in the West. Symptoms appear when plaque, which often develops on the walls of the carotid artery, breaks off and causes a blood clot. New methods of preventing stroke are currently being tested as part of a research project.

The exhibition research and innovation at KTH in collaboration with Region Stockholm.

When: 27 February, 12:00-13:00

Free lunch sandwich for the 50 early birds!

Poster (pdf 85 kB)