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Publishing in Nature Research Journals

Dr Bart Verberck, Regional Executive Editor for Nature Research, will give a lecture on publishing in Nature Research Journals. Below, Dr Bart Verberck gives more information about his lecture.

Time: Thu 2019-02-14 13.00

Location: K1, Teknikringen 56, KTH Campus

Participating: Dr. Bart Verberck, Regional Executive Editor, Nature Research

"After a brief introduction to Nature Research — the Springer Nature brand behind Nature, Nature Communications and other journals as well as a suite of services to scientists — I will provide an overview of the inner workings of Nature Research journals. 

I will provide insights into the editorial process at these journals, explaining the roles of editors and discussing editorial criteria for publication. I will also give some advice on how to present research in writing, and what to keep in mind when planning to submit a paper. 

Finally, I will reflect on the value Nature Research aims to bring to the scientific community, as well as on the ever-evolving role of scientific publishers."


Inna Soroka