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Up-scaling of resource recovery systems for LCA purposes

Seminar/workshop: Up-scaling of resource recovery systems for LCA purposes, June 4

Time: Tue 2019-06-04 13.00 - 15.00

Location: Teknikringen 28, room K2

The event is organized in the scope of FORMAS funded project “Methodology for environmental sustainability assessment in the early design stage of a resource recovery system (MENToR)”, which is carried out by KTH and IVL as project partners. During the project, we aim to bring researchers and practitioners together for discussions on relevant project topics. In this first event, the question is “What are the common methods for up-scaling and what is the future need?

After the presentations on resource recovery from waste and up scaling, there will be discussions on the present situation of up-scaling methods and their gaps, best practices and the future need.

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Nilay Elginöz Kanat