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[Fully booked] Workshop 1 – Getting started with your degree project

This workshop is fully booked at the moment.

How to begin? How to plan my writing? How to find and organise secondary sources? How to cope with the challenges? Welcome to a workshop for students writing degree project reports.

Time: Thu 2023-01-26 16.15 - 19.00

Location: KTH Biblioteket, Osquars backe 31 – Registration required

Language: English and Swedish

Photo of student and librarian discussing

Where and how do I begin? How can I give myself the best chance of writing a good degree project report and cope with the challenges of such a project? These are some of the questions we will answer in the first workshop. We will work on background reading, managing references, establishing a research aim, and planning your writing.

The writing focus for this workshop is sections and subsections.

You will learn to:

  • Get familiar with guidelines and grading criteria

  • Find relevant academic literature

  • Collect and manage references with reference management software

  • Find a knowledge gap and decide on a research aim and/or question(s)

  • Plan a structure 

About the workshop series for students writing their degree project

Writing a degree project report can be a challenging experience. To support you in the different phases of producing the report, the Centre for Academic Writing and Rhetoric and KTH Library will offer a series of three workshops during the spring semester 2023. You may sign up for one, two, or all three workshops; however, we will give priority to those who attended earlier workshops if they are fully booked.

The workshops will include short presentations on relevant themes, time to work with these themes on your own degree project report, and possibilities to get individual support. The presentations during the workshops will be held in English; however, individual support can be given in Swedish or English.