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Gender Data Gap Conference 2021

How to Avoid the Gender Data Gap in a Digitized Transportation Infrastructure. Digitization is running at full speed today but the development of AI, computer learning and apps are based on data that is not free of bias. Can we still make sure that our technologies are inclusive and relevant for all its users? Welcome to a conference where we discuss the urgency of gender data bias in the transportation infrastructure.

Time: Thu 2021-05-27 09.00 - 12.00

Location: Zoom


Marta M Tisch

Why do we need this conference?

Technology is an important tool for ensuring sustainable development and we who run the digitization process have a responsibility to support new technologies that lead to an economically, environmentally and socially inclusive society.

The use of artificial intelligence, computer learning and apps are becoming normal in the design, construction, operation and maintenance phases of our infrastructure. For this reason, it is increasingly important that we make sure our technologies are inclusive and relevant for all its users. Data plays an important role in this. But as it turns out, data is not necessarily neutral and free of bias.

We have to make sure that within our digitization efforts our data is inclusive and representative of the entire population. This means that within our engineering disciplines data bias and the gender data gap needs to be known and we need to actively prevent our society from locking itself into solutions and processes that are not inclusive and thus not safe.

The main aim of the conference is to raise the awareness of its urgency to decision makers and leaders that drive the development of infrastructure in the built environment.

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