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Glögg and four student presentations

Four student teams will present and reflect on presence situations they have created.

Time: Wed 2015-12-16 13.00 - 14.30

Location: Dome Of Visions, Valhallavägen 79

One group has designed a mediated space for a workshop with participants in two locations. As a result of their work, the Dome of Visions in Copenhagen and the Dome of Visions in Stockholm will be united on 4 December.
Image by Elin Lindahl, Elvira Wiklund, Miriam Gauffin, Stina Zvalén, Elsa Landberg, Emilie Dellgren.

KTH Master Students in Media Technology and Interaction Design will present their results from the course Presence Production. They have developed applications for the SharedSpaces prototype, a virtual space for Web-based
Interaction developed by the research group KTH Smart Spaces, as part of ongoing EU-research.

Glögg and presentations in the Dome of Visions, KTH Campus, Valhallavägen 79

Glögg and presentations in KTH R1 Experimental Performance Space &
Presence Lab, Drottning Kristinas väg 51.

SharedSpaces is a design prototype from the EU-funded FP7 project COMPEIT.
For more information, please contact the research group KTH Smart Spaces: Architecture and Interactive Media:

Charlie Gullström, KTH Architecture
Leif Handberg, KTH Media Technology
Alex Jonsson, Evothings
Joke Kort, TNO

Try our prototype on:

Webbadress för mer information,


Björn Nordberg,