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Panel discussion: Desires, hopes and anxiety in a tree

This panel discussion is the concluding part of the interactive exhibition "Sustainable living". The notes on the tree are full of hopes and anxieties about life, well-being and justice.

Time: Mon 2022-02-21 12.15 - 13.00

Location: Online.

Video link: Zoom - Ingen anmälan / Registration not required

Language: English

Lecturer: Elina Eriksson, Angela De Matteis, Susanna Stattin Thorell & Annika Oskarsson

The art exhibition tree
The tree covered in notes written by you.

Via an interactive installation placed in the Library’s entrance hall artist Annika Oskarsson invited us to respond to the question "Sustainable living - What can we do?". This panel discussion is a closing session for the exhibition, and will dwell deeper into what you've written on all the notes on the tree. You will experience an exciting online conversation with experts in different fields discussing all the heart-breaking and heart-warming notes.

The notes are mainly about climate and politics as well as mental illness and anxiety. We want to wrap up all the important things you wrote and welcome you to a panel discussion.

No registration needed, just click the link  on the specified date and time!

Panel participants

  • Elina Eriksson , associate professor at the department of Media Technology and Interaction Design (MID) 
  • Angela De Matteis, Counsellor, Stockholm Student Health Services
  • Susanna Stattin Thorell, Psychologist, Stockholm Student Health Services
  • Annika Oskarsson , artist