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Seminar on Modular Converters and Electrical Machines for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

We welcome you on the 19th of May to a seminar on modular converters and electrical machines for electric and hybrid vehicles. The speakers are from KTH, Chalmers and Uppsala University (UU), and are all engaged in the SHC thematic group on "Electrical machines and Drives".

Time: Tue 2015-05-19 09.00

Location: Lecture room H1, Teknikringen 33, KTH

Electrification is moving into the automotive world with an ever increasing pace. But still many obstacles have to be overcome. In this seminar, some possibilities for integration of power electronic, electrical machines and batteries will be introduced. Possible benefits for the integration can be: reduced system weight, reduced cabling cost, improved EMI characteristics and increased fault tolerance. The seminar also offers an excellent opportunity to learn more about the research going on in the Swedish Hybrid Vehicle Centre.