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Stakeholders workshop Negawatt Challange

The workshop brings together stakeholders interested in Green growth by”making more for less”. It is organised within the Negawatt challenge, a multi-phase global competition initiated by the World Bank in 2015 in cooperation with KTH and CoICT.

Time: Thu 2015-10-15 09.00 - 14.00

Location: Venue:Hotel Kebby, opposite Kijitonyama CoICT Campus (College of Information and Communication Techn


Erika Svensson

The World Bank Negawatt Challenge addresses the possibility to increase efficiency in water and energy usage by innovating around locally identified problems that are given global solutions. The challenge is now at a stage when the selected teams are intensively developing their ideas from all aspects, making them ready for Demo day. It is then time for all stakeholders to meet and share experiences and knowledge over water utility efficiency. Important questions for the workshop are:
- How can local initiatives be given support for development?
- What are the key factors hampering adequate water and energy supply for the majority in the city?
- How can an open data approach facilitate the innovation process?
- What are the next steps to take?
The target group for the workshop is key water/energy stakeholders in the public sector, the utilities, media, NGOs and advocacy groups on how to mainstream green growth. The hope is also to attract key placers that represent the private sector where initiatives are already on their way.

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