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Stockholm City's Pop-up Recycle Container comes to KTH

Spring cleaning? Are you giving the KonMari method a go? Take the opportunity to recycle what no longer gives you joy at Stockholm City's Pop-up Recycling Container at KTH Campus May 23 - 26th.

Time: Thu 2019-05-23 - Sun 2019-05-26

Location: Huvudbyggnad (D & E), Valhallavägen 79, 114 27 Stockholm

On May 23-26, Pop-up Reuse will be on the KTH Campus.

On May 23 between 12-13, KTH and Stockholm Water and Waste welcomes you to a seminar and mingle court on the theme of reuse.

The first 40 people who submit items for reuse och recycling recieve a lunch wrap and water thermos!

Need help with transportation? Book Eccentric to pick-up here

Program 23 May

12:00 Kristina von Oelreich, Sustainability Manager KTH
12:05 * TBC Stockholm Vatten och avfall - About Pop-up Recycling Container and Stockholm City's work for better waste management.

12:10 Thomas Sjöström, Traffikkontoret - Trial period with Eccentrice e-mobility transport service 

12:15 Fredrik Johansson, researcher KTH tells about ongoing research in the Eccentric project. 

12.35 - 13:00 Mingel Square - Talk to representatives about how different stakeholders in Stockholm work with waste and recycling issues. Participants: KTH Sustainability Office, Traffic Office, Stockholm Water and Waste, Pop-up Reuse, Akademiska Hus.

About Pop-up Reuse and Eccentric

Pop-up Reuse is a mobile solution that focuses on facilitating reuse for the Stockholmers and reducing the amount of waste. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what can be reused and what to sort for recycling. The staff on site is there to teach how to do the right thing. Two specially designed containers are set up and everyone may submit items they want to get rid of. Both containers (one for submission and one for pickup) are manned during the days. During evenings and nights they are closed and locked.

Eccentric is a mobility service that gives residents in the area help with transport of furniture or other things that can be reused or recycled within the neighborhood where the pop-up recycling is set up. See attached document)

Dates and opening hours Pop-up Container:
May 23-24, opening hours will be updated later
May 25-26, at 10-16
August 21-23, opening hours will be updated later
August 24-25 , 10-16

Location: KTH Campus, Valhallavägen 79.