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WHOLE EARTH? Photo exhibition

KTH Environmental Group, KTH Department of Building & Environment are proud to present WHOLE EARTH? photo exhibition. This is more then just a photo exhibition - WHOLE EARTH? offers new ways of thinking. And it gets personal by asking students and universities what they can do to help lead society toward a more sustainable future.

Time: Tue 2015-10-13 08.00 - Fri 2015-11-20 16.30

Location: KTH Entréhuset, Drottning Kristinas väg 4


WHOLE EARTH? is the follow-up exhibition to the Hard Rain exhibition launched at the Eden Project in the UK in 2006. In Hard Rain the lyrics of Bob Dylan are illustrated with photographs that bring alive the challenges of the 21st century. Moved by images of disharmony, many of the exhibition’s viewers demanded solutions to create a whole earth – unified and healed. The result is the WHOLE EARTH? exhibition, a partnership with the UK National Union of Students. It offers solutions in the areas of climate, energy, fresh water, oceans and agriculture, but also in areas such as human rights and economic rule-making.

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Erica-Dawn Egan,