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Monday 12 October

KTH Horizon Europe week 2020

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09:00-10:45 Introduction to Horizon Europe

Video Introduction to Horizon Europe
Horizon Europe is the forthcoming EU framework programme for research and innovation in 2021-2027. Find out more about the new programme’s funding schemes and research priorities. What will be the KTH approach to enhance participation in Horizon Europe?

11:00-12:00 Missions in Horizon Europe

Video Missions in Horizon Europe
European research and innovation missions are portfolios of research and innovation actions aimed at delivering solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing our world. A mission gathers multiple stakeholders such as researchers, entrepreneurs and European citizens to work across disciplines and sectors on developing solutions to major challenges under one of the five mission areas: Adaptation to climate change, including societal transformation; Cancer; Healthy oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters ; Climate-neutral and smart cities; and Soil health and food.

This session focuses on Climate-neutral and smart cities. Olga Kordas, Program director Viable Cities and researcher at KTH, will talk about her involvement in the mission at a national level and what opportunities she thinks there might be for KTH researchers. 

13:00-14:00 European Innovation Council (EIC)

Video European Innovation Council (EIC)
European Innovation Council (EIC) is a new feature of Horizon Europe and will support researchers and innovators developing high-risk, breakthrough innovations with the potential to create new markets and boost jobs, growth and prosperity in Europe. It supports both research-intensive transdisciplinary projects (Pathfinder) and close-to-market mono-beneficiary projects (Accelerator).

This session focuses on the EIC Pathfinder that is open to researchers at universities and innovators from other sectors. Learn more about EIC from Vinnova and you will also hear from Michael Malkoch (KTH) on his successful proposal for project Bonefix (FET Open).

15:30-17:00 How to strategically enhance Swedish participation in HEU?

Video How to strategically enhance Swedish participation in HEU?
Welcome to this online seminar and panel discussion on Sweden's strategy for participation in the upcoming EU framework program for research and innovation - Horizon Europe.

The session is specifically for the benefit of representatives from KTH's strategic partnerships who want to increase their collaboration with KTH at EU level.


Introduction and welcome by Mikael Östling, KTH Deputy President

Karin Aase, (pptx 529 kB)  Head of Department National NCP Organisation at Vinnova presents the Swedish strategy on the upcoming EU Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme opening in 2021.

Panel discussion with:

  • Annika Stensson Trigell, Vice President for Research, KTH
  • Jan Gulliksen, Vice President for Digitalization, KTH
  • Mikael Dahlgren, Head of ABB Corporate Research Sweden.
  • Anna Hörlén, Senior adviser EU-programmes, City of Stockholm,
  • Anders Caspár, Director of External Research Relations, Ericsson
  • Magnus Brunnsåker, Senior Manager, Research Office, Scania
  • Karin Aase, Head of Department National NCP Organisation, Vinnova

Moderator for this session is Erik Fahlbeck.

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