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Meet the entrepreneurs

SoundCloud founders Alexander Ljung (left) and Eric Wahlforss are two of KTH's successful entrepreneurs in the digital space.
Published Jul 10, 2014

What drives some of KTH’s most successful entrepreneurs, and how are they doing it? Here are the personal stories of four who are making an impact in the digital space.

The Youtube of audio sharing

Fear of failure is “the biggest killer of innovation,” says Alexander Ljung, co-founder of Soundcloud. As students at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, he and partner Eric Wahlforss may have had "slightly delusional aspirations"; but today they oversee a service that reaches more than a quarter of a million internet users monthly.  Full article

Truecaller founders Nami Zarringhalam (left) Alan Mamedi

A social phone directory

What started as a hunt for furniture by two KTH graduates has led to one of the world’s fastest-growing mobile apps. The reverse number look-up app Truecaller is on its way to becoming a household name in India and other fast-growing economies. Behind its success are founders Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam, two graduates of the Computer Science master's programme at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.  Full article

Mixing not just for DJs anymore

Jonas Norberg, left, and Daniel Wallner. (Photo: David Callahan)

When Jonas Norberg and Daniel Wallner graduated from KTH, they didn’t set out to popularize the craft of DJ mixing. But that’s exactly what is happening with their mega-successful Pacemaker app. “Our mission is to democratize DJ’ing,” Norberg says. “We want to make everyone into a DJ.” The secret, they found, was in making the user experience simple and fun.  Full article

Crowdfunding concept helps Tanzanian students

Malin Cronqvist founded a program to support Tanzanian students. (Photo: Peter Larsson)

Malin Cronqvist applies an entrepreneurial spirit to the world of non-profit work, taking the concept of crowdfunding to a new level. Her organization Help to Help has raised money to send 23 students in Tanzania to university, while raising the bar for transparency among international aid organizations.  Full article

David Callahan

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Last changed: Jul 10, 2014